PRO-COUNT Inventory System Donated to Rams Head Tavern

From L to R: Michael Sanders, Alan Sanders, Erin McNaboe, _________, Tosh Sondh
From L to R: Michael Sanders, Alan Sanders, Erin McNaboe, Zach Price, Tosh Sondh

In an official launch party held at Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis, MD, Alan Sanders presented a PRO-COUNT system to Erin McNaboe, president of the Rams Head Group. Alan, a 20-year employee of Rams Head, thanked Erin for giving him the freedom and support to develop the PRO-COUNT bar inventory system while in their employ. Family, friends and business partners all attended the event celebrating the company’s shift from product development to sales. Michael Sanders, PRO-COUNT COO/CFO said to the group, “It’s been a long road testing and refining this product. We knew we were on to a good idea, but it required the talent, dedication and support from many of you in this room to bring us to market.” PRO-COUNT will be beta tested at Rams Head Annapolis and several other sites before broader roll-out within several months.

This system is a game changer! Success in the restaurant/bar business is no easy task. Every penny counts and getting the most out of your inventory is key. The Pro-Count system has drastically improved my accuracy and efficiency. Inventory numbers are consistent and there is very little room for margin of error. Thank you Alan and NexPhase!

Tyler Laratonda-Rams~Head Tavern, Annapolis

Is your bar revenue not adding up?

Most bartenders are hard-working, honest folks. But on occasion, an owner or a manager knows something is off. Sales just don’t seem to justify the amount of liquor you’re ordering. Is one of your bartenders pouring heavy to earn fatter tips? Are they giving away drinks to friends? Or is there a theft problem somewhere else in the restaurant?

One advantage of a fast, easy system like PRO-COUNT is the ability to do a spot-check inventory before and after a shift of 5-10 popular bottles. Compare the sales versus pours for this sample and you can quickly confirm or rule out any suspicions.