How it Works

PRO-COUNT comes ready to use, with all hardware and software installed and pre-tested. You can tailor the database of liquor SKUs as needed, but every major product line is included. Add beer, wine, locally sourced products, even hats, shirts and other products as needed.

Easy to use, cost-effective, with all the inventory power you need:

  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Instant inventory reports
  • Export data to Excel
  • Track multiple bar and storage areas
  • PRO-COUNT configures your custom database for fast startup
  • Add new items to the database anytime
  • Generate barcodes to track merchandise or any other items
  • Fast, local tech support

Wireless Scanner

Use Wireless Scanner for Bar Inventory

Scan –


Weigh Bottles for Bar Inventory on Scale

Weigh –

Dedicated Laptop

Bar Inventory Done