NexPhase Welcomes Galway Bay To The Pro-Count Family

NexPhase would like to extend a very warm welcome to the crew from Galway Bay in Annapolis, Maryland! It was an absolute pleasure to get to know Sean and Gary while working alongside them during our setup and training. This Annapolis gem has been going strong for 20 years now. From their Fish and Chips to their Corned Beef to their incredible Irish Whiskey selection, Galway Bay is as authentic Irish as it gets.  Like so many others in the industry, their team was faced with weekly counts that took too much time. Not only did Pro-Count significantly cut this counting time but their ordering is now as easy as pressing a button. Don’t take our word for it…listen to what Gary has to say about Pro-Count and NexPhase!

-Slainte, Galway Bay!


“Our restaurant is celebrating its 20th year in business and we have seen this industry change extensively over that time, I include our adoption of Pro-Count as one of those most major milestones that has helped craft our profitable & successful business. 

Our previous “paper & pencil” system took a full Sunday evening and Monday afternoon to compile, transfer to excel, check for errors, compile orders and post to our accountant. No small amount of time. We were looking to more accurately standardize our inventory management, decrease the time taken, errors and hopefully save some money. When researching possible inventory alternatives I kept running into the same problems… too expensive, too laborious, lots of customer attention to get you signed up but little follow through. Pro-Count however made sense to us with their local, focused attention, easy set up & the price was right.

Pro-Count focuses on the solution to the inventory headache and was clearly designed by someone who had actually spent many years compiling inventory. I don’t go to my mechanic for advice about my knees and I don’t go to my doctor for advice on my car, these guys know their stuff and it shows. There’s no extraneous processes or hoops to jump through, it’s simple and to the point. They have solved the inventory management problem and I will proudly state that as long as they are in business I will be a huge proponent of their systems.

It’s as easy as scan, weigh and move on, it’s easy to move around my different storage areas and stows away neatly when not in use. It compiles all my inventory reports and neatly organizes my orders all at the same time so now I can easily train new managers on it and get on to other tasks quickly & efficiently. Alan has been a delight to work with and patiently answered all of our questions, he followed up with us promptly and shows the same attention to customer service that we do in our day to day mission of customer service excellence.

When Alan at Pro-Count asked me to write a testimonial I knew exactly what I wanted to tell you and every restaurateur I know, this will change your business (your life) forever and you’ll never look back. It’s a well priced fully comprehensive solution to the weekly headache with a gold star worthy customer service attitude and built by restaurant people for restaurant people. If you are a small business operator who wants to move your financial processes into good health & streamline your inventory management then Pro-Count is the tool to help you get there. They’re just a phone call away.”

-Gary Brown, Galway Bay. Annapolis, Maryland

NexPhase Welcomes Harry Browne’s To The Pro-Count Family

NexPhase would like to extend a warm welcome and big thank you to Rusty at Harry Browne’s in Annapolis, MD. We are excited to have earned the chance to bring your Bar Inventory Management to the next level with our Pro-Count Bar Software! Liquor, wine and beer inventory counting has never been easier or faster. Cheers, Rusty, welcome to the Pro-Count family!

NexPhase At 2017 Mid Atlantic Food and Lodging Expo

We’re excited to be attending the 2017 Expo in Timonium, Maryland on September 26th & September 27th. Stop by booth #203 for a demo to see how we can bring your inventory management to the next level. It’s time to “86” the outdated, slow and inaccurate method of using paper and pencil to count your liquor, wine and beer. Every Ounce Counts!

NexPhase Welcomes Rehoboth Beach Country Club

NexPhase would like to welcome Rehoboth Beach Country Club to the Pro-Count family! The club was faced with counting 5 bars as well as multiple storage areas and walk-ins. What used to take 2-3 days to count now takes only 6 hours. Proven time saving results including no back-end data entry after the counting is complete. Count then run your report and you’re done!

“Rehoboth Beach Country Club is a premier private club with 5 bars and a lot of offerings for our membership. You can only imagine that monthly inventory in the old classic way has never been an easy task for us. Since Alan came in to introduce his Pro-Count system and showed me how it worked, I was convinced that needs and expectations were met. We’re now using it for over 3 months and I finish the whole inventory in 6 hours, when it used to take us 2-3 days to complete it.”

“Thank you Alan for making my job a lot easier!” — Cosmin Dalalau, Bar Manager, Rehoboth Beach Country Club

Michael Sanders Earns Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award

The Entrepreneur Exchange (EE), an Annapolis, Maryland area business group has honored NexPhase (Pro-Count) partner, Michael Sanders with one of three 2015 annual Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards. Presented at their December luncheon, this award is designed to recognize local business leaders who exemplify tenacity, creativity, and integrity. There are three categories: Member, Non-Member, and Rising Star (in business less than 3 years). MichaelEE SOE 2015 Sanders-3, a strong supporter of the EE and its mission of fostering entrepreneurship here in his hometown, won in the Member category. Michael (center) is pictured here with fellow award winners, Tom Barnhill of Barnhill Accounting, and Sean Kostkowski of CoreLife.

Michael Sanders to Judge AACC Business Plan Competition

Pro-Count and Nexphase co-founder, Michael Sanders, was selected again this year as one of the judges for Anne Arundel Community College’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies annual Business Plan Competition. Anne Arundel County’s local “Shark Tank” was the centerpiece of AACC’s Business Expo Fair, November 17, 2015. All AACC students (credit and non-credit) are invited to compete for up to $50,000 in seed funds, $10,000 in scholarships and space in the student business incubator valued at $950.

PRO-COUNT Inventory System Donated to Rams Head Tavern

From L to R: Michael Sanders, Alan Sanders, Erin McNaboe, _________, Tosh Sondh
From L to R: Michael Sanders, Alan Sanders, Erin McNaboe, Zach Price, Tosh Sondh

In an official launch party held at Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis, MD, Alan Sanders presented a PRO-COUNT system to Erin McNaboe, president of the Rams Head Group. Alan, a 20-year employee of Rams Head, thanked Erin for giving him the freedom and support to develop the PRO-COUNT bar inventory system while in their employ. Family, friends and business partners all attended the event celebrating the company’s shift from product development to sales. Michael Sanders, PRO-COUNT COO/CFO said to the group, “It’s been a long road testing and refining this product. We knew we were on to a good idea, but it required the talent, dedication and support from many of you in this room to bring us to market.” PRO-COUNT will be beta tested at Rams Head Annapolis and several other sites before broader roll-out within several months.

This system is a game changer! Success in the restaurant/bar business is no easy task. Every penny counts and getting the most out of your inventory is key. The Pro-Count system has drastically improved my accuracy and efficiency. Inventory numbers are consistent and there is very little room for margin of error. Thank you Alan and NexPhase!

Tyler Laratonda-Rams~Head Tavern, Annapolis

Is your bar revenue not adding up?

Most bartenders are hard-working, honest folks. But on occasion, an owner or a manager knows something is off. Sales just don’t seem to justify the amount of liquor you’re ordering. Is one of your bartenders pouring heavy to earn fatter tips? Are they giving away drinks to friends? Or is there a theft problem somewhere else in the restaurant?

One advantage of a fast, easy system like PRO-COUNT is the ability to do a spot-check inventory before and after a shift of 5-10 popular bottles. Compare the sales versus pours for this sample and you can quickly confirm or rule out any suspicions.

If it isn’t broken –

A lot of bar owners, don’t think they need an inventory system. They think handwritten inventory is good enough – and that it’s the cheapest way to get it done. The real discussion that gets their attention is: how much money are you losing by not tracking inventory better? Hand inventory is a slow manual process that then has to be entered into a spreadsheet. All that work for what is by definition a rough estimate at best. If the industry average of 15-25% shrinkage is true – and you are doing nothing about it, you are losing at least several thousand dollars in liquor sales every month. There are several basic truths about inventory:

  • If staff knows you are paying close attention to inventory, then overpours and theft plummet.
  • If you track inventory closely, you can reduce on-hand stock – freeing up cash.
  • If you can find a fast, easy way to take a good inventory, your admin costs drop significantly.

This is how Alan and Michael Sanders knew they were onto something when envisioned a system that was simple, fast, cost-effective AND extremely accurate. No bar owner gets excited about a better way to take inventory. They do get excited about increasing their bottom line with a simple improvement behind the bar.