If it isn’t broken –

A lot of bar owners, don’t think they need an inventory system. They think handwritten inventory is good enough – and that it’s the cheapest way to get it done. The real discussion that gets their attention is: how much money are you losing by not tracking inventory better? Hand inventory is a slow manual process that then has to be entered into a spreadsheet. All that work for what is by definition a rough estimate at best. If the industry average of 15-25% shrinkage is true – and you are doing nothing about it, you are losing at least several thousand dollars in liquor sales every month. There are several basic truths about inventory:

  • If staff knows you are paying close attention to inventory, then overpours and theft plummet.
  • If you track inventory closely, you can reduce on-hand stock – freeing up cash.
  • If you can find a fast, easy way to take a good inventory, your admin costs drop significantly.

This is how Alan and Michael Sanders knew they were onto something when envisioned a system that was simple, fast, cost-effective AND extremely accurate. No bar owner gets excited about a better way to take inventory. They do get excited about increasing their bottom line with a simple improvement behind the bar.