Is your bar revenue not adding up?

Most bartenders are hard-working, honest folks. But on occasion, an owner or a manager knows something is off. Sales just don’t seem to justify the amount of liquor you’re ordering. Is one of your bartenders pouring heavy to earn fatter tips? Are they giving away drinks to friends? Or is there a theft problem somewhere else in the restaurant?

One advantage of a fast, easy system like PRO-COUNT is the ability to do a spot-check inventory before and after a shift of 5-10 popular bottles. Compare the sales versus pours for this sample and you can quickly confirm or rule out any suspicions.

If it isn’t broken –

A lot of bar owners, don’t think they need an inventory system. They think handwritten inventory is good enough – and that it’s the cheapest way to get it done. The real discussion that gets their attention is: how much money are you losing by not tracking inventory better? Hand inventory is a slow manual process that then has to be entered into a spreadsheet. All that work for what is by definition a rough estimate at best. If the industry average of 15-25% shrinkage is true – and you are doing nothing about it, you are losing at least several thousand dollars in liquor sales every month. There are several basic truths about inventory:

  • If staff knows you are paying close attention to inventory, then overpours and theft plummet.
  • If you track inventory closely, you can reduce on-hand stock – freeing up cash.
  • If you can find a fast, easy way to take a good inventory, your admin costs drop significantly.

This is how Alan and Michael Sanders knew they were onto something when envisioned a system that was simple, fast, cost-effective AND extremely accurate. No bar owner gets excited about a better way to take inventory. They do get excited about increasing their bottom line with a simple improvement behind the bar.