NexPhase Welcomes Rehoboth Beach Country Club

NexPhase would like to welcome Rehoboth Beach Country Club to the Pro-Count family! The club was faced with counting 5 bars as well as multiple storage areas and walk-ins. What used to take 2-3 days to count now takes only 6 hours. Proven time saving results including no back-end data entry after the counting is complete. Count then run your report and you’re done!

“Rehoboth Beach Country Club is a premier private club with 5 bars and a lot of offerings for our membership. You can only imagine that monthly inventory in the old classic way has never been an easy task for us. Since Alan came in to introduce his Pro-Count system and showed me how it worked, I was convinced that needs and expectations were met. We’re now using it for over 3 months and I finish the whole inventory in 6 hours, when it used to take us 2-3 days to complete it.”

“Thank you Alan for making my job a lot easier!” — Cosmin Dalalau, Bar Manager, Rehoboth Beach Country Club